Medical tourism

Medical tourism comprises a brand new growing economic activity worldwide. It consists in travelling, both domestic and international, of people with health problems, in order to be taken care of health issues and to be provided with medical care, aiming at prevention, diagnosis or health maintenance. As such, medical tourism is a combined activity of tourist businessmen and doctors, and includes transportation services, information, and touring, catering and lodging services in selected hotel facilities.  

Greece should aim, under the certain circumstances of economic burden, at putting into practice strategic targets, which could lead to economic development and could really use the experience gained by other countries. One such a goal should be to become competitive in medical tourism, so as to be one of the most attractive tourist destinations for people with health care demands. Competitive advantages of our country include the wonderful Mediterranean habitat, the natural resources, the genial climate, the traditional healthy cuisine, the great historic and cultural heritage and the internationally renowned medical and nurse personnel, which can stand out the competition. 

Private factor medical services have already made some serious steps, especially in great cities, such as Athens, Thessaloniki, the islands of Crete and Rhodes, as well as other well-known tourist destinations, where remarkable medical centres provide state of the art health care in medical tourists.



The University Hospital of AHEPA in Thessaloniki, a pioneer in the public sector, with renowned universally accepted Clinics, and highly educated medical and nursing stuff, has made great moves towards medical tourism. It was the decision of the Board of Directors to participate in the NHS Family Choice program Medical Tourism in Greece with the intention to provide information about health care opportunities of British citizens in Greece. AHEPA participates in the program with the following Clinics:  

  1. 1st Internal Medicine Dpt (with the Dialysis Unit)
  2. 1st Cardiology Dpt
  3. 2nd Paediatric Dpt and Pedo-oncologic Department
  4. 1st Neurosurgery Dpt
  5. 1st Cardiothoracic Surgery Dpt
  6. 1st ENT Dpt
  7. 1st Ofthalmology Dpt
  8. 2nd Neurologic Dpt

Patients are welcome to choose among many 5-star available hotels, that operate in conjunction with our Hospital, offering holiday packages in special prices, as well as free transport between the hotel1 and AHEPA Hospital.

Patients should refer to the home page of AHEPA Hospital, where there's a link to the NHS Family Choice Program, with useful information about the program.

For the above mentioned activity of the Hospital there's constant everyday interest among Greeks residing outside Greece, through the website of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (

Thessaloniki the ideal destination for medical tourism

Hotels participating in the program Medical Tourism in Greece in Thessaloniki

The following hotels are located on a close proximity from the Hospital, easily accessible by public transpotation or taxi.

Daios Luxury Living *****

Domotel les Lazaristes *****

Electra Palace Hotel *****

Grant Hotel Palace *****

Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki *****

Macedonia Palace *****

Mediterranean Palace *****

Porto Palace Hotel Thessaloniki *****

Ohe following hotels are at close proximity from the Hospital, easily accessible by public transportation or taxi.
City Hotel ****
11 Komninon str., Tel.: 2310 021000, Fax: 2310 240715

Capsis Hotel ****
18 Monastiriou str., Tel.: 2310 596800, Fax: 2310 510555
The Capsis Hotel participates to the medical tourism program with the following offer

Zaliki Boutique Hotel ****
6 Gr Zaliki str., Tel.: 2310 226400, Fax: 2310 226402

Andromeda ****
5 Komninon & Kalapothaki str., Tel.: 2310 254750, Fax: 2310 267330

Kinissi Palace ****
41 Egnatia str., Tel.: 2310 508081, Fax: 2310 523904
The Kinissi Palace Hotel participates to the medical tourism program with the following offer

ABC Hotel ***
41 Agelaki str., Tel.: 2310 265421, Fax: 2310 276542

Hotel Queen Olga ***
44 Vasilisis Olgas str., Tel.: 2310 824621, Fax: 2310 868521

El Greco ***
23 Egnatia str., Tel.: 2310 520620, Fax: 2310 520612

Nea Metropolis ***
22 Sigrou str., Tel.: 2310 525540, Fax: 2310 539910

Metropolitan Hotel ***
65 Vasilisis Olgas & Fleming str., Tel.: 2310 824221-8, Fax: 2310 849762

Airport Makedonia in Thessaloniki

Coming by plane from Airport Makedonia

Basic touristic location Agion Oros

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