Department of Pathology

Professor - Director: Georgios Karkavelas

  1. Division of Anatomic Pathology
  2. Division of Cytopathology

The Laboratory of Anatomic Pathology and Cytopathology, which was established in 1945, has a variety of functions in the field of Pathology, including teaching, research and diagnosis. The department is housed in the Department of Pathology of the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (building no. 17B). 

The aims and functions of the Laboratory include the following:
a) implementation of the teaching and research programs of the Medical School, as well as those of other Schools and Departments of the Aristotle University, in the field of Pathology, at both pregraduate and postgraduate levels.

b) various collaborations with research centers and academic institutes, located in Greece and other countries, in scientific tasks that are similar, parallel, or complementary to those of our department

c) implementation of scientific meetings, lectures, seminars, symposia and congresses, with invitation of renown Greek and foreign scientists, as well as publication of scientific articles and books

d) diagnostic services for the patients of the AHEPA University General Hospital of Thessaloniki, and for patients of other institutions that submit consults to our department. In addition to routine histopathological and cytological examination, these services include comprehensive assessment by immunohistochemical and molecular methods. The diagnostic services also include autopsies for pathological (non-violent) causes of death.

e) specialization of physicians, laboratory technicians and other paramedical personnel, as well as continuous education following specialization

The Laboratory staff is employees of the Medical School and the AHEPA General Hospital. The Director of the Department is a member of the Teaching and Research Personnel of the Medical School, certified in Anatomic Pathology, and is appointed according to the pertinent law.