3rd University Department of Psychiatry

Professor - Director: Apostolos Iakovidis

The 3rd University Department of Psychiatry conducts teaching, research and clinical activities.

Teaching activities include a series of medical practice lessons, lectures, obligatory and selective courses, seminars, case studies and bibliography reviews aiming to provide psychiatric education for pre- and postgraduate students, psychiatry interns and interns of other specialties. Teaching is conducted by staff members of the department as well as by guest speakers. The aim of the teaching programme is the complete presentation of psychiatry to students and the professional adequacy of the interns.

Research activities include the execution of experimental and clinical studies, as well as their presentation at scientific conferences and/or their publication in scientific reviews. Research is conducted by staff members in collaboration with interns and/or students, as well as with colleagues from other psychiatric departments or different scientific fields, in Greece and abroad. Research aims at enhancing scientific knowledge and improving the patients’ health.

Clinical activities include clinical diagnosis, the investigation of the patients’ condition through psychological, lab and neuroimaging tests, continuous care of the patients during their hospitalization through medical rounds, appropriate care, social rehabilitation and follow-up care. The clinical activities are conducted by staff members, as well as by interns and students, always under the supervision of a specialist. The contribution of the department’s psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and nursing staff is precious.

The department consists of the inpatient treatment unit, with 22 beds in 8 rooms. During their hospitalization, the patients are engaged in occupational therapy or group therapy.


The professor’s secretariat tel. no.: 2310994634
Inpatient unit tel.no.: 2310993166
Psychology service (E. Damianidou) tel.no. : 2310993174
Occupation therapy unit (I. Mylothridis, Z. Tsakona) tel.no. : 2310993172

Labs and services operating in the department:
Neuropsychology lab (I. Nimatoudis): tel.no. : 2310994633
Psychophysiology lab (K. Fountoulakis) : tel.no. :2310994622
Day care unit (S. Kyziridou): tel.no.: 2310993179
Consultation-liaison service (I. Ierodiaconou-Benou) : tel.no. :2310994637
Psychotherapy unit (on Tuesdays, I. Ierodiaconou-Benou): tel.no.: 2310994637
Dependence unit (on Wednesdays, I. Diakogiannis): tel.no.: 2310994635
Child psychiatry services (G. Abatzoglou): tel.no.: 2310994787
Adolescent psychiatry services (off hospital – N. Zilikis): tel.no.: 2310249400

The department is responsible for the following outpatient units:

General (daily, for adult patients <65 yo – T. Mavridis): tel.no.: 2310993361
Follow-up treatment (on Mondays and Wednesdays, P. Prokopiou): tel.no.: 2310993379
Psychoacoustics (on Tuesdays, V. Iliadou): tel.no.: 2310994739
Psychogeriatric (on Fridays, for patients >65yo – S. Kaprinis): tel.no.: 2310993379
Psychosexual (P. Prokopiou): tel.no.: 2310993379
Mobile Unit (on Wednesdays, for patients in the Nea Madytos area – P. Prokopiou): tel.no.: (except on Wednesdays) 2310993361.
Appointments for all outpatient units (except for the follow-up treatment and the mobile units) are to be made by calling the AHEPA calling center at 2313303313

Access Diagram

Access Diagram to 3rd Psychiatric Dpt
3rd Psychiatric Dpt

Clinic Diagram

Access Diagram to 3rd Psychiatric Dpt
3rd Psychiatric Dpt