Aim of the hospital

The aim of the Hospital is to:

  • Provide all kinds (especially tertiary) of health coverage in every person, regardless of its economic, social, occupational status, in accordance with the rules govern the National Health System and Social Security.
  • Educate the students of the medical school of Aristotle's University of Thessaloniki, as well as students of other relevant Schools and departments from Greece and abroad.
  • Educate and train doctors, nurses and other health care professionals from Greece and abroad, by developing educational programs.
  • Promote research in medical field. To accomplish that, the hospital develops and applies research programs and cooperates with other relevant institutions, as well as international organizations, scientific and research centers.
  • Cooperate with medical institutions and health care units that belong to the same health district, so as to develop and upgrade the overall health provision. Special care is taken in the fields of educational programs and specialized investigation programs in accordance with the 2001 law of Improvement and modernization of the NHS.
  • Implement new methods and forms of health care provision, aiming at effective promotion of public health.
  • Develop procedures that facilitate the strategic targets, set by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity, the 4th Health Region of Macedonia- Thrace and the Board of Directors of the Hospital.