Information about the Allday Service of Univercity General Hospital of Thessaloniki AHEPA

Allday ServiceAt the Allday Service secretariat is where you can program your appointment and to get the necessary documents that the hospital gives.

The appointment programming is made either by personal contact, or by telephone at the following numbers:

  • ++30 2310 993.312
  • ++30 2310 993.313
  • ++30 2310 993.314

The patients choose the doctor they want and the programmed day and time of the date. The appointment hours are 4pm - 8pm.

Visit fees

The patients before the date give at the Allday Service Secretariat fund the following fees in relation with the doctor they will visit:

Univercity Professors

90 €

Dpt Directors - An. Professors

75 €

An. Directors, A?eiaecoYo A’ - A??eionie Professors

60 €


45 €

The lab tests that are done are being payed by the patients themselves or their health insurances.